Mangrove Healthcare Innovations

Mangrove innovations are intent on improving post-acute care delivery. We’re constantly seeking technological advantages to solve pain-points and improve systems.  Our pointed focus on post-acute care is unique in the healthcare technology space. Mangrove innovations are developed by actual post-acute professionals familiar with Skilled Nursing Facility operations.  Please explore our current innovations:

Patient Referral Scanner

SNFscan allows post-acute healthcare professionals quick access to critical keywords found on patient referral documents. Identification of common industry terms and pharmacy keywords improve clinical awareness, accuracy, financial performance and overall ability to evaluate patient SNF pre-admission. A complimentary (FREE) trial of this app is currently available.


Staffing Calculator

SNFppd simplifies per patient day (PPD) calculations determined by the number of residents in a skilled nursing facility (census) and the number of clinical staff caring for them during each shift (AM, PM, NOC). This FREE app allows anyone to quickly calculate staffing PPD.


Facility Communication

SNFupdate provides an easy way for SNF leadership to report facility census by payer, total occupancy, available beds, clinical PPD and current events to other parties via SMS. This FREE app makes daily updates quick and uniform for SNF organizations.


Patient Tracking

BPCItracker was created as an inexpensive and efficient means to improve patient status communications. Our high encounter platform joins advanced SMS Text and Voice technologies with a patient’s (or responsible party) existing mobile device.  A complimentary (FREE) trial of this app is currently available by using “TRIAL30” code at checkout.